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My 2yo son loves it. Thanks. $2.99 is very reasonable considering all the physical hours of labour involved in making it. And ads suck. ;-) Perfect

Please mommy! My two year old asked me to fix the game which was to purchase the full version. She truly enjoys it. I was impressed to see her skill level already in a matter of minutes of playing. It was worth the three dollars. Omg

Great My 2 year took to the trial version so got this then. Went straight to lvl 5 lol. Hope there are more games like this. Fabulous!

My little girl loves it but it keeps freezing on the countour matching game (the one with washing fruit and veg under a running tap). I bought the full version but it has the same problem - it is very frustrating as the only solution is to restart the app . Please fix this and I will give it 5 stars ! Flawless

Love!!! My 2.5 year old son has autism and sensory disorders and he absolutely LOVES this app! He's completely nonverbal but when he gets on this app he laughs harder than ever! From the bottom of my heart, thank you! Well done!!

Fantastic game my son loves it no ads and its hard to exit which is a good thing he stays focused on the game. Brilliant

Great for little ones My 2 year old loves this. Characters make him laugh and games are entertaining and challenging Works perfectly

Great game, weird compatibility. Purchased for my 2 year old and it's possibly the best kids game I've found. Only downside is that I can't put on different devices reliably. Got a new phone and one day it says it's not compatible and I can't redownload, next it's available with no issues. Experienced this problem with lollipop AND KitKat. Other than that, excellent app. Good

Love it! Three yr.old son loves cute characters..I love learning he gets while having fun. Love this. wow lol

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