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Xperia T2 ultra Date 13-12-14 ****Huge bug on level 24*** plz pix dis...nd i want some more skill in dis game...superrb game

Disgraceful Great way to ruin a Legends name for the sake of a shoddy game and money. If you think this game is good you're a fool.

Great game but... Would've given 5 stars had not for the frequent crashes and I can't play beyond level 14... Please fix this soon. Otherwise it's a great app.. Recommend to install Bruce Lee: Enter The Game APK

Would be great From the sounds of other reviews its a good game but for me it starts booting and then just goes back to my screen. HELP!!!!

Great At first I thought it was going to be an unfortunate mindless swiping game, but fortunately it has got a bit more depth than I thought. Great game.

Bruce Lee Fan This game took me a while to get the controls but it's such an amazingly great game

Good game... But... I really love this game. However, I get random videos pop up while I'm playing in between rounds. Gets annoying to be shoved videos. When there is an option to view videos available.

Bruce lee Superb Entertaining Game as expected. This game give the strenght of Bruce lee To fight Against Bad powers....Uuuuuu vackooyyyy

It's ok Game is nice have been waiting for this kind a game but while playing it stops dis is annoying pls fix this bug

Freaking awesome I love that game this is like a ps3 version or xbox 360 or maybe and ps4 version so i love that game and the best is i love fighting games (excert from street fighter) this is like tekken 3 or tekken 4 maybe and 7 version

This game is bad as hell!!! I love Bruce Lee and honestly this is the 1st Bruce Lee game that's been halfway decent. Yeah this is one that will keep me occupied for a good long while.

Good but buggy Once in a while, when opening a new level, the app would shut down and I would lose a heart. Otherwise great game

Great game..took my money Made an in-app purchase and it debited the money from my account but didn't give me what I purchased. Please fix!!

Awesome But crashes The master of karate is back in an animated game form. This game is very epic and is a ton of fun. The only thing is is that sometimes it crashes when I start a level and it takes away 1 heart. PLEASE FIX. Otherwise It is a very fun and epic game.

Awsome game but minor glitch Awsome app but minor glitch. On level 28 you kill all the bad guys but it says you have 5 left. So your just standing there waiting for more bad guys to come but they dont. So ur times just runs out. I tried restarting it and the same thing. So If U Guys Can Fix That Would Be cool. But besides that it's a cool app if I could get past level 28 because of the glitch

This game is really fun Game plan is very good..smooth. Graphics are ok. Mastering combos and attacks are easy. The fight sounds he makes are classic. Fix the videos glitch like everyone says. Who doesn't love Bruce Lee?

Game crashes after all the famous quotes appear on the loading screen The latest update at least has a progress bar for the loading screen but unfortunately, after reading a few famous quotes from Lee himself. The game crashes on me, tried multiple times despite re-installing the game once. Still very disappointed that I can't play the game after all the updates that have been applied to it. :(

Just a problem Hey I would rate this full 5 stars in a heartbeat !! Don't get me wrong I love this game man its the shit haha problem I have with it is that when I use one heart to play a level it will sometimes just stop working while the levels loading up and I lose one heart :/ please do fix cause then yeah boom!! 5 star best game ever created love bruce lee :). Recommend to get Bruce Lee: Enter The Game APK

Awesome! Bruce Lee is the man. This game is great and some of the challenges are really tough. I am ready for more levels!!!

Hugely Enjoyable and Fairly Difficult Really quite good. The combat is quick, visceral, and worthy of everyone's favorite martial arts legend, Bruce Lee.

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