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Great!! This is a great game and I feel very fortunate this has finally came to android. I know you can link other devises if you had this game previously but unfurtently I dont have my iOS device anymore with my old clan which im totally fine with im just kinda iterated because I spent money on this game before when it was on my iOS device and had gotten 2 builders huts and theres no way to redeem it but that's okay I guess thanks for bringing this over defentily my favorite app. 5 stars!

Finally!!! I love this game!! The only reason I kept my old iPhone was to play this game. I really wished this game was available on android and finally I'm able to play this amazing app on my new HD phone. You can easily transfer your account from an old device too. No more playing crappy knock offs, this is the real deal. Thanks supercell!!!

Good! I own an ios device and android device. ... hope supercell will make sure nobody can hack this game for free gems...if its happen. ..will very unfair to ios user... I play for half year just get to townhall 10...if someone can hack and get free gems will very disappointed to me...

No doubt.! Rated this game 5 star in the installation progress because I know what this game will deliver. I didn't find any bugs yet? Been playing for 16 hours. Keep the updates coming supercell :)

Better than ios!!! This has better graphics then the ios version! :O And I didn't give it a 5 star because it wouldn't let me link a device from my ios account :(

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