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Great I'd give it five stars, but the ads and questions about if I want to play the next version of the game are freaking annoying. Superb!

On easy yet but fun! I just made it to the first easy level but am loving this game. It's simple but addicting

Keeps me awake Great game that makes you think and challenges spacial awareness. I like to play to the end of each puzzle which can lead to loss of sleep if it's a tricky one!

Color Fill My first mistake was playing Color Fill 2 put I still like this first game and will play thur out all the stages and maybe by that time they will have a 3rd. game and I'll be right there to down load it. So don't take that (like it) over the (love it). Not to be long breathe but I wish games as well as novels would put a first, second, and third, people like me that can really love a game hates starting on the sec. or third.

Fun so far! I've only done a few of the simpler levels, but so far it's fun, and the ads are not too intrusive.

Like Challenging, but not so that you just want to give up. Helps me relax before I go to sleep.

Where has the time gone! Its so easy to play but sometimes so hard to complete. You can loose so much time playing it. Its great.

Just challenging enough Stimulates the mind without annoying the crap out of you to the point of just wanting to quit!

Fun and Challenging If you're a quilter, you will find this easy. I like it because it's just challenging enough to occupy my mind, but not seem impossible. YES! YES! I've finally found you again! My first phone failed, and I forgot who made the app. I've been looking for you ever since. *NOTHING* has filled the void of the pleasure I had playing this game. Looks like I've found my #1 keep-me-occupied app and I couldn't be happier! UPDATE: 7/6/15 - Still loving this game as much as I first found it!

Great game I have finished all of them. Except 19 pieces, level 5. This one is hard. And the only one left. Anyone?????

LOVE IT! It starts off easy but gets hard later on! It's great that you can skip a level if you get stuck!!!!! Good

Enjoy playing this game and so does my children. Worth it!

Great time killer. Good

Very addictive game highly recommended. Fabulous!

AMAZING Wow. Finally a game I love and haven't got bored of. This is a great puzzle game, starts of easy, but gets really hard. It's very addictive and a great time waster :) I often find myself on it when I have nothing to do. Worth a download. I love it Just wow


Liked it Pretty basic game but does get challenging. I like it but don't expect too much. Awesome

Fun Game I love that you can always go to a harder level, but that keep ask if u want to rate, a lot. Fun game though Worth it!

Thoroughly enjoyable; top game! A 'puzzle' game in the true sense of the word. You can jump straight to harder levels if you don't find it to be challenging enough and there are other levels that vary theme. Runs well; no crashes so far! One small critisism- the sound of placing the shapes is a bit piercing; would be nicer if the sound was a bit more rounded. Less sharp on the ear. Cool

Its a fun game It's the only game I really like my little one taught how to play it and I am hooked! Highly Recommend.

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