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Still getting used to it. Hard to find. Only found like 5 so far but had help. There is some glitch in here to where they won't load as in it won't show me where some are or ones I already found. ugh Surprisingly

Not as fun as it used to be When I switched phones, I had to download the app again..only it's the "upgraded" version and we can hardly get anything to work....not near as user friendly.....losing interest because of it love it

Love it So much fun! At first I had a problem finding the caches but once I went with friends I got the idea of how to look! Brilliant

Great family active My kids and myself love this. Its a great thing to do with the family and it don't cost a penny. Just wow

Overly monetised but great hobby Awesome hobby! Overly expensive app. I suggest only paying for it monthly, then Immediatly cancel your subscription so you only pay for when you are using it. DO NOT LET AUTO RENEW GET YOU Omg

If you purchased the previous version this is how you get it back. Android -Open the Google Play Store app -Tap Menu -My Apps and games -All games and apps -Find Geocaching and re-download it Flawless

Disappointed Hated it because it was pay or no play. Friend told me to re try it. You can get some without paying. Broke down and paid for 1 month. Apple owners get a better deal, for paid subscription. I tried geo caching years ago. It was free. No longer true. :( wow lol

So much fun and FREE to do!! You can choose to upgrade but we just find the 'free' dark green ones. There's loads of them to find and enough hints to help you. It's like a big treasure hunt and gets so addictive, plus my kids love it!! Great job

Cool This app is so awesome and cool what a great way to get out explore the world around you Just wow

It's the best thing ever I really love this and it's crazy awesome to find these hidden treasures. I have been saving up my Google credits to purchase a month subscription to find the advanced caches only to find out they don't accept Google Play money. It has to be from your Google Wallet. Which almost no-one uses Great!

Getting better Funky new map. Would like to see offline map feature and Open Source map feature. Don't forget geocaching is done in the outdoors. Enjoy it!

I really like the user location finder, makes it easier if you are away from home. However I wished it had a compass built in for all conclusive app use ability Omg

Never a dull trip! I love having this app on the go, if I'm stuck somewhere I can find something to do! Works well, within the limits of my phone's gps. Very fun! Must have

Glitch in code possibly The green dots that represent as a cache are showing up as a white square. Not sure if it's just me. Phone is Galaxy S7. love it

FIX THE MAP!!!!!!!! The map is littered with blank spaces where geocaches should be, c:geo is a far better app. Fix this and I'll use this more. Works perfectly

I liked this app at first, but now half the caches are only available on premium. Not bad

As a newbie to geocaching I can't compare to other apps but definitely having lots of fun, even on the free version Superb!

Geocatching Its fun to be honest, but more people need to play, I planted one out of five. The only bad part is you have to pay for premium and there's mugglers out there Perfect

Fibromom I do this with my grandchildren. We all really love it!!! The medal of honor is the best and happy to see these men not only honored bit why they were honored. love it

Love it I just got the app about an hour ago , I found my first geocache in about 20 minutes of downloading it can't wait for tomorrow I'm going to hit it hard Enjoy it!

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