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Незаменимая вещь.Разработчику успехов и всего наилучшего!

Хорошее приложение купил очень удобно в настройках лучше ни чего не видел! Разработчик молодец!

Купил,....Если вдруг,после обновления перестаёт работать pro-версия,не обходимо удалить key и скачать заново через кнопку в программе "активировать pro -версию".

Все устраивало и в бесплатной, но за такой продукт денег не жалко.Автору респект.

Тот случай, когда радуешься, что чем-то отблагодарил автора хорошего софта.

Отличный, простой и удобный менеджер закачки!) царь доволен!)

Из множества множества качалок, эта вне сравнения ! Лучшая. Купил.

Я много качаю с lazymedia и других программ. Это качалка всегда на высоте! Вот и решил поддержать автора рублем. Тем более что это похоже братская Украина.

Закачка проходит отлично, но потом не видны закачанные файлы. То есть скопировать их и переносить на другое устройство неполучается. Что делать

Samsung E7 Plz help i upgrade to pro what for because on my fuking phone i am disable to set default download location sd card that 's why i chose this and i upgrade to pro but when i try to download a big file and set my sd card as download location it says no permission what should i do other wise app is superb Go well

Totally worth it! Have used the free version for long time now, had some extra cash for Google play, this dev deserves it. Love it, no problems at all.

Fabulous app One of the best apps I have used in a long time. Had the free version and it worked so well I upgraded to the licensed version to use the SD card functionality.

Excellent App This is the only app I have found that will let you choose where you want to download to. Before it downloads it lets you click a small icon folder and pick your external sd card. Excellent no more problems with the file being to big for my small internal drive. Worth buying just to remove the small ad at the bottom. Update: The Paid version still has ads. Emailed the company they said to reboot the app and the device. I have done that over 4 times now and the app still has ads.

Earned it! I agree, it's well worth the donation. Once I got used to the interface all of the selected layout makes perfect sense. Quite ingenious, actually. I have only one suggestion, or request: Please add a toggle in settings to activate a "Confirm File Remove/Delete" prompt for the Remove/Delete from list, for those of us who find it too easy to pull to the right as we're scrolling up & down the file list.

Love this wanted to donate but it won't install on Nexus 7 2012 error says cannot install on USB storage or SD card Please help wanted to donate but app won't install on my tablet. Going to hit refund please respond for what I should do and I will try to buy again. Never had this problem with any other app. Use everyday and I love it! I wanted to donate for further development! Thank you for this app.

Best one. Tried rest. This one is most reliable, completes downloads. Developer put lot of thought into design.

Great for watching my favorite shows later. Needs to download faster. Works great with TV portal and MX Player. Donated so you can keep up the good work.

Love this I absolutely love this app i used the free version for awhile but now im buying the lisences for it thank you guys keep up the good work love this app

Love this I absolutely love this app i used the free version for awhile but now im buying the lisences for it thank you guys keep up the good work love this app. Recommend to get Loader Droid Pro License Key APK

Awesome app!! Love it , it works great and that's why I paid for the ad free version. I'll always support great work. Thanks!!:)

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