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Does the best it can! Connects Poweramp to my earpiece on my Samsung Note 3. I don't think audio quality is in the developers' power to fix. My old Nokia N900 connects to the same earpiece and sounds just as tinny. I don't see that this can be a bluetooth issue. Bluetooth to stereo headphones sounds fine, as does bluetooth to my car radio. If you listen to music through a telephone earpiece, this is what it sounds like!

#falling-asleep Its Awesome! First app which actually worked for me....thnx Plz make the sound quality better so that high quality music can be heard...otherwise a great app .

#streaming-music Needs some improvement.! I'll even pay to get an updated app with awesome sound quality. Other than that, works great on my 2006 530i BMW.

It does what it says on tin! Very pleased on Xoom MZ601 , can now listen to videos/music etc on mono bt headset & my ham radio hobby ties in too , now able to listen to my SDR radio this way

just what I was looking for! Sound is fine for mono, mostly use it for audiobooks with my overdrive media app on LG VM701. Haven't yet received a call while using the app for media playback so still waiting to test that feature. Saved me having to get a stereo headset.

#fm-radio Such a excellent application! I m happy to install this because i have Nokia Bluetooth and Samsung mobile handset In Nokia Bluetooth not play music because Nokia Bluetooth does not support Samsung handset and this application saved my money...

Worked a charm! Samsung Galaxy S2 connected to some old Nokia hands free kit which played back through the radio.

Excellent app! I was thinking of buying new headset that could work with android but saved my money. Now not only calls but also gps nav and song are playable.

#online-radio Wow.... great app! This is so sinole n easy to use. Kudos to the developer. Keep up the gud work... 5 stars

Great to use a bluetooth earpiece with the Endomondo sports tracker! I wanted to use a bluetooth earpiece together with the Endomondo Sports tracker app on my Nexus 4. It didn't work out of the box, but I got it working with this app.

Good app!! Works well on my S3 mini but i can hear everything outside (mic on) when i use it on my Note 10.1 ... both on jellybean... pls fix this thx.

Good app! This is simple and good. Havent explored much but I was looking for such an app since long and I found this one perfectly does the job. wish I could had something like this for my laptop as well.

I like it... it does exactly what I need it to do.! I've got a new phone and an old but serviceable Plantronics M220 earpiece and I wanted something to throw together so I could use Google Now on hikes, walks and away from the car. This fits the bill perfectly. I get my turn by turn, geocache alerts, local weather alerts - anything that the phone would route to the speaker right in my ear now. The audio quality is AM at best - you can play your music and videos through it, but the background sizzle and crackle might not make that the best choice over a pair of cheap earbuds - but if you want or need to get more out of your 'phone only' type headset or earpiece, this app does the job pretty well. It's really a pretty slick hack - it overrides the built-in obsolescence of phone-only mono Bluetooth 2.0 headsets, speakers and earpieces - so that's very cool. I'd give it 5 stars for the effort and the utility - take off one for the AM radio effect - and a solid 4 on the GG Scale of useful Android apps for sure.

Works great on my Jelly Bean Droid Razr Maxx! Doesn't do much, but it does it well. It took only a few seconds to route the audio to my headset. Why this feature isn't built into the OS is beyond me.

Good!!! It works on my LG Optimus l9, and my Sony Bluetooth headset. Keep it up! Turns my $100 headset into $200 headset! ;-)

Fixes a problem that should be fixed!! This app is awesome. Works perfectly on my nexus 7. Now I can watch YouTube videos wirelessly. Love it

Epic! I always wanted something like this ever since I got my first bluetooth phone. 5 stars, and it deserves every one.

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