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Works great! This works wonderfully with my HM1100 and Nokia HF 210. It would've been better if compatible with 8tracks and soundcloud since it works only with my Double Twist music player as of now and surprisingly along with many games, shooters make me feel like an agent! It would also be nice if there was a way to cancel feedback my muting the mic. Great work guys! Must have

Please fix Works great with my Samsung hm1100 but the sound remains very low please fix will then rate 5 stars Highly Recommend.

Great for Bluetooth earphone but... This makes Bluetooth earphones that are designed only for phone calls work with music. One bug. It won't connect until there is sound already playing. Very annoying Perfect!

It works! It definitely works well with my android phone. I'm using this with D5503 Sony Xperia Z1 Compact running on 4.4.4 android and Build No. 14.4.A.0.157.with Samsung HM1300 Mono Bluetooth headset. Enjoy it!

Excellent work I have tried so many apps finally this one works. And it is only one click to connect... But sound quality is very poor wow lol

Something so simple done right For folks that want GPS directions or even music to their headset-profile devices, this is what you need. Great!

Excellent APP use this with my Scala rider Bluetooth motorcycle headset. Now i can listen to music and GPS where as previously i could only make calls! THANK you! Just wow

Great app ! Finally I found this app that works in my phone and compatiple in HM1300 thanks :) Cool

no video play I use samsung galaxy grand. It does not play video. says "unable to play during call". It plays audio, internet video/audio and call voices though. Any fix for this???

Worked at first... Worked, but then started creating a feedback of all sound that entered the earpiece's microphone... tried another app and that didn't happen at all.

Great app, needs a mic kill switch I play music to my old style car bluetooth receiver... And the microphone on my phone stays on causing feedback .... Fix this and it will be a 5 star app

Samsang galaxy note 4 works perfectly I was going to buy media supported bluetooth which would have cost me at least 30 pounds but this app is amazing I can listen music like youtube and other songs app in my bluetooth thanks very much

Само отключается ((( Зачем-то всегда самостоятельно отключается при включении Скайпа.. Recommend to install Mono Bluetooth Router APK

Better then the other two I've tried. Used on a Galaxy S2 phone that I only use for media, internet and apps with a Hip Street BT ear piece. Works great, looks great, simple to use no cut outs, no static, all good so far. Will update if issues arise.. Recommend to get Mono Bluetooth Router APK

I am very happy When i use bluetooth headset i can't play music and facebook messanger call but when i download this apps both working i am give you the 5 stars thank u maxistar

Great idea, but needs more work In a nutshell, music plays, but is very muffled/tinny with intermittent bursts of static

Works, buuut... This works on devices that only support headset input, such as some car's bluetooth, but ends up sounding hallow and distorts at high pitches or low basses... but I suspect this can't be bypassed.

Great! Would like it for Lumia as well... There's no reason why I would not rate it five stars. I know it is hard, harder than Android but please make a version for Windows Phone as well. There's an app that lets you play music through Bluetooth but it can't run in the background and I want all the audio to be routed to Bluetooth and not just music. And yes, a thousand thanks for such a great app!

Fantastic Application A great program for streaming music, video movie sounds and more to your Bluetooth headsets. And if you get a phone call in the mean time it will still connect you and then let you get back to your media play. With this installed, no need for wired headsets.

Samsung Galaxy tab 3 This app works perfect! Also im glad this works with a one ear earpiece! Sound isnt peerfect but like you said, "low qualitysound is batger that no bluetooth sound at all."

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