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Всё улетело за несколько минут. Всем вендорам брать пример.

Отличная порога, перенеслись абсолютно все данные, даже журнал звонков. Переносила с сони на моторолу

отличная штука ! Друзья !!! качайте обои для моторола ! MOTOROLA WALLPAPERS !!!

Купил Мото Е, перекинул контакты со старой нокии s40, всё нормально)

Удачно перенесены данные с Самсунг Гелакси Асе (первый) на Мото Г. Не удалось только контакты перетащить. Почему то не синхронизировались с акком гугловским на старом телефоне. Париться не стал, перетащил карточкой с контактами.

У меня есть старая NOKIA E51 на Symbian OS 9.2 и очень хотелось бы скопировать важные сообщения, очень был бы рад увидеть поддержку аппаратов на Symbian OS. Благодарю за ваши труды.

Благодаря данному приложению, перекинул данные с телефона Motorola droid x2 на Motorola moto g.

Прекрасно работает передавала с мейзу на мото х.у кого не работает тот идиот

Отличная и нужная программа! Всего в пару нажатий кнопок даёт возможность перенести контакты/записи/файлы/сообщения со старого аппарата на Moto

Полезное и удобное приложение, стало ещё лучше! Теперь есть русский язык :-) СПАСИБО

Mr Matthew Campbell Guys use Google plus, settings then your profile on new device then hit contacts and select the option. Love man Perfect!

I just bought a moto x and wanted to transfer my contacts from my galaxy core lte. Nothing seemed to work, so i went to Android Central and they said to download moto migrate on my galaxy core lte. So i went to play store and downloaded it. followed the instructions and 2 min later it was transfered, to simple. just scan the barcode with the camera and its done, i am so happy. Highly Recommend.

This app transferred photos, texts, music, apps... everything from my old phone to new phone without a hitch. And did it automatically! Superb!

It will not install on my Moto G gen1. It says 'installed', but there is nothing there. OHAY THERE IT IS!!!1 I went away for a minute and when I came back it WAS THERE!! Fantastic

Fix this app asap for android m It helped me to move data from my old device than, I updated android m this app doesn't supports :( when Motorola will fix this app for marshmallow?? Hope for soon.. Muito bom!

Worked amazingly... why retire it? This app worked near-perfectly in the past, and was one of the reasons I stayed with motorola phones. I see no clear reason that makes retiring it necessary. I am about to switch to a new phone, but cannot use this wonderful function to transfer my data, which is very frustrating. Worth a go!

Thank you for your app's great service. This is a great app for backing up and restoring files onto your phone, especially during emergencies. Unfortunately, this app is currently retiring from Android Marshmallow. Thank you very much for the alternative migration apps found in your 'what's new' section of the Play Store, though. :-) 'Really helps. Works great

USEFUL Helped me in transferring contacts from Symbian 60 Nokia to Motorola easily and is also compatible with symbian 40 via bluetooth. Sad that I will have to miss it on Android Marshmallow. Works perfectly

this is the best app.. why are you removing this app...this is so usefull app..i have 3moto phones..when i need my other phobe that i use this only takes less than 15mins to transfer 16gb data...pls don't remove it..!!

Well before Android M it was great! Now that I got M on my Moto X Pure it's literally dead to me... Unfortunately...

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