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Return Showtimes to Film Info Pages Please return the ability to see all showtimes at local theaters when in a movie's info page. It is extremely tedious to check each theater individually. Otherwise the app is great. Well done!!

Great for all things movie! This app has just about everything you would want when you're looking for information about your favorite movies. It's very intuitive, and features theaters, showtimes, Rotten Tomatoes reviews, trailers, movie info, and more. I hardly ever see a movie without checking my Flixster app first. Perfect

How could this app be bad? This app is great! I mean the purpose is to just look up movie times and it definitely fulfills that purpose. I have never been disappointed. Works great

Not the end of the world. Although I can no longer stream my ultra violet movies this is still a great app. Trailers, reviews, etc., etc. Easily one of my top three apps. Amazing!

I don't know what I'd do without it! How did we movie and tv buffs survive without Imdb.....I guess we just suffered and had fewer questions. Imdb is truly one of my 5 favorite apps of all time. Surprisingly

My go to Great app! I pretty much use it for everything related to movies. Movie times, reviews, trailers,rotten apple scores. Keeps me updated on what's new and upcoming at the movies, DVD/Blu-ray, and steaming services. Fantastic

Very helpful! I use this app before ever watching ANY movie. I also check this app while deciding on what to rent. My favorite part of this app, is the section of movies that are on Netflix. I use it almost daily when trying to find a decent selection in the (mostly horrible) Netflix list of movies. It has an accurate percentage based rating system that's easy to use and as well gives you real critic/user reviews on each title. Everything else is self explanatory. I give it two thumbs up Superb!

Florence Foster Jenkins - Special Preview Wonderful app. I especially like both ratings and the description of each movie or documentary. I always count on Flixter to describe the very best movies. Even if it's a movie I really want to see and the ratings are not so good, I can count on that and decide if it's really worth it to me. For me, Flixter is my " go to " place! Great job

Best movie app I love this app. My 11 year old and I are obsessed with movies and this app makes it easy to check on the times of any movie we want to see wherever we are. Even better, if we're running late we can even just buy our tickets through the app. I love it Amazing!

Runs ok Took off two stars since they sperated watching your video collextion into a seperate app. This app is now just ok for keeping in eye on upcoming movies and reminding me of things i want to see in theatre/dvd. Especially the more indie stuff. Must have

Very well directed I was a little skeptical at the beginning the first 5 minutes were a little lackluster but as time went on it just kept getting better. It's got action, it's got drama, comedy, horror, you name it, it's in there. You gotta go see this movie. Two thumbs up. Fantastic

Great App for movie goers Have used rotten tomatoes site for years and this app is a must have for all film buffs. Through the app I have found many hidden gems which would not have been on my radar and avoided many turkeys at the same time. Fabulous!

Good app Good app for finding movie times and reviews by people you might know. Really annoyed by the fact their is not a paid version without advertising. Unchanged review : still annoyed with unpaid version. Superb!

Stummped I don't have to open flixster now for the app to start popping up a message saying "flixster has stopped working" every couple of minutes. And when I try to open the app it force closes.. Fabulous!

It's great The rotten tomatoes ratings are always helpful. This is very convenient for show times. Good app! Brilliant

Very informative This is my go-to place for movie reviews. Sometimes I don't agree with the ratings but that is part of the fun. Fabulous!

Exactly what any movie goer and movie lover needs. Reliable, convenient, and informative. Not much more needs to be said beyond that! The only thing I wish it provided is production costs and current box office totals on the respective movie profile page, itself. Box office totals are only listed under the current box office tabs, in summary form. Otherwise, I heavily rely on this app to see what movies are coming up, to get more info about any movie, in general, and to plan my movie times. I really love that it is synched with all theater listings & times. Well done!!

Handy app. Like the app a lot. I would give it 5 stars if they included TV like rotten tomatoes! Otherwise great app Great!

really great Its easy and accurate. i always check it before i spend to see any movie at a theater. it hasnt steared me wrong yet. Fabulous!

Quick assessment of films This useful little app gives me the sort of thumbnail view of current releases that I need. The advertising is a bit annoying but that's modern life... Awesome

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