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Flxster is Great Great app, always accurate, fast, easy to read format. I love how I can get all the theaters right where you happen to be at the time. Comes with movie previews and two forms of reviews Cool

Convenient Quick and Easy So easy to use and has all the info you want about a film - when and where it is, trailers and reviews etc.. Athens want to see list is brilliant love the way it's split into upcoming and ones out in the cinema. So handy! The convenience of having the location on and it shoes cinemas closest to you and what's on is great. Highly Recommend.

Best movie ref source Really like the DVD rankings. Use for RedBox. Rotten Tomatoes is my primary source for current movies. wow lol

I use it to track and rate my movies Can be buggy with showing your rating. I've watched a movie and rated it already but starred thumbnail doesn't show until you open that movie again. Perfect

My family's GoTo app for anything movies No wonder this is the best rated app. Coupled with Rotten Tomatoes you can't go wrong. Must have

Extremely Helpful I have been using the Rotten Tomatoes app for years. It has saved me thousands of dollars from going to see movies that will likely not be worth me spending $25 to experience. It's my go-to app before I go watch any movie no matter how excited I was about it. If the rating isn't above 70% I SAVE MONEY! If it is where I prefer it to be I can also use this app to find movie times. This app is perfect for moviegoers all over! Surprisingly

User Friendly Very easy and good app to use,helps me figure out movies I want to watch times. Also gives you ratings and reviews if you choose to listen it's part of my weekly grind. Well done!!

Please add electronic ticket feature When you buy tickets within the app through fandango it shows you your ticket within the app and when you back out you can never view it again through flixter, the app instructs you to download fandango. I don't want 2 movie apps on my phone. Muito bom!

Clean and Responsive. Clean and responsive, not the smoothest app. Some of the UI could be redone, especially the icons. And movie trailers max resolution avaiable is only 720p. Please allow 1080p. Its odd though because when I go to play new trailers, they look like 140p not even 480p.. And definitely not 720p. Perfect!

We love it! Can use it wherever we travel. It's great to be able to find out what's playing in the local movie theaters wherever we travel. Trailers, times,, locations, and directions Good

IT'S A GREAT APP Upcoming and current movies,dvds and previews. What's not to like about this app. I've stuck with this app throughout. Enjoy! wow lol

For all movie lovers! A one-stop app for all info about movies, movie theaters, upcoming movies, and other entertainment stuff. Good

Always spot on Easy way to identify favorite movie theaters and get info you need to see a show! Perfect

Wrong show times I usually use this app. However, we showed up at a certain time and the times were all wrong. The attendee told us they don't use their service other than their website. Awesome

One of my favorite apps What's not to love? I've been using it for years and I continue to use it on a regular basis. Great app. Brilliant

Best thing Love this app it's the best thing since sliced bread keeps me from having a call to movie theater Pretty good

Accurate Have used this app for many years, very accurate info on show times. Can look up movie reviews too 5 star

Eh App and website of Rotten Tomatoes have limited features. And also in the app, you can't even see any of your Rotten Tomatoes reviews that you wrote. Recommend

Go to for movies! A really great way to find out what's coming out and when. Also love the Netflix integration so I can add easily movies to my queue Go well

Great App Very good app. Sometimes current films do not appear on the list but the search bar is good as it has a thumbnail - very useful with remakes and titles that start with the same word Worth a go!

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