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Ticket support in Australia Hey great app. Just wondering if you'll be expanding your ticket purchasing to other countries? Works perfectly

Spectre Have james bond fan for 50 years and I bught 50 Yreka blue ray package.why you take away wi-fi now I have to go go 90 to get free wi- first to see my movie trailors. Perfect!

My go-to Whenever I'm at a loss for movies and what's good and new, this is my go-to app for anything movie! It's never let me down and I love how you get the public rating and the critics rating! Fabulous!

Best for Android phones This is the ONLY app to have in order to watch Ultraviolet films. Now requires a separate player for viewing films. Brilliant

Trailers don't work HTC one m8 Great for checking out trailers and shows times for local cinema's. Well done!!

7/6/2016 , need more details The movie time was correct, however the app did not tell me that the movie was being showed in "RPG". Which in my area cost more. So instead of paying 12 dollars I paid 30 something because we drove all the way there. 5 star

Crashes before use On every start up now when the now playing screen is loading the app crashes... Unusable now.. Edit: was down for a couple days. Back working now. Solid app when working Just wow

One of my fav apps Love Flixster! It is so easy to look up our local theater and see what's playing. Or even check on new releases Great!

Best one..easiest to use. I've always relied on Fixter to give me movie info fast. Works great on Mt Edge7 too. Works great

So convenient! Use this every time I want to look at movies, it's so nice just to open the app and see all the movies nearby and what time they play, love it! Great job

Rotten Tomatoes on the Go And that's how I use it. Fast and easy way to see what movies are on and qhich ones are good. Good

Give us the old version I loved it in the past, but now when i wanna search the dvd movies it's really limited, and shows me only the newest movies on dvd Muito bom!

Would be 5 stars ✨ without the ads Ads are horrendous, but otherwise a great app. Provide a paid-for ad-free version. Great!

Should mention what country the movie is from and what languages are available for them. Also needs to keep up to date with All the released movies on Dvd. Amazing!

We love Flixter! The critics on this app couldn't be more accurate! My husband and I often find ourselves going to a movie we weren't really thinking of just because it got great reviews. We love it! I think they do an exceptional job and I wouldn't use anyone else. Perfect

Would have been a 5 but... ...the pop up ads are troublesome to wade through. I expect them when I open, but lately they appear as I move from one feature to another. Still a solid, easy to use app. Love the links to purchase tickets in advance at certain theaters. Recommend

Great app Does what it says. Very convenient. Only criticism is that it takes a while to find location sometimes... But I can live with that. Flawless

Great app Fantastic app, great for getting times at pictures and see what's on. Also great to see what's upcoming in the following months. Great app no issues.well done Perfect

There should be an option to disable the app from automatically posting your reviews to social media. If there is one then it isn't clear how to enable it. Recommend

My go to movie calendar Accurate most times, except when my local theaters doubt show up, for some reason. Go well

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