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Amazing app I love the app I am a frequent movie goer so it makes things super convenient. I do wish It would tell me the prices of the tickets Must have

Flixster is the best! Easy to navigate and always works well! Can find movies, times, and theaters faster than anyone else using any other movie apps - love it! Fabulous!

Forced to review It's actually a great app that I use all the time, but I'm only reviewing it because it won't stop asking me to review it. Omg

Great app & customer service is great! This app has been on all my phones since the beginning of my Android experience a few years ago. There was a problem on an update. I contacted customer service and they fixed it the next day. That is responsive! Great job Flixster customer service! Omg

Great, but... Won't let me authorise my email address takes me to a screen that says download the free app! I already have the app. Worth a go!

I Use Flikster Every Weekend! It's easy to use and always shows movie times for shows at the theaters closest to me even when I travel. Perfect!

Pop up ads are annoying Great app, lots of pertinent information, love the feature of being able to search movies released years ago, but crikey, constantly having to dismiss ads is a royal pain in the tuchus. Awesome

Use it all the time Great for checking out movie times. Also what other movie goers thought, not the critics! Just wow

I love this app but.. The only thing that has been bothering me lately is stuff that I rate or set as "Want to See" do not appear marked when you're looking at movies and this never used to be an issue. The only way it will show is if I go to "Movies Rated" and "Movies I Want to See" first, then the movies show marked and rated. Again, never had this issue but it's been going on for a few months now and I keep hoping an update will fix this but nope :/ Worth it!

Dig it I like the different types of reviews available, trailers and a great way to navigate to different theaters throughout different areas. Worth a go!

Convenient I absolutely love this app. Any time I need to know locations of theatre's, show times or even keep track of movies I want to see that will be coming out; I use this app. I am on an HTC and it's sometimes difficult to find apps that always work, well I've never had a problem with this app. I suggest to all movie goers and weekend planners to get this app. Reviews can also be viewed and created. Ooohh and don't forget trailers! I love this app as much as I love movies. Worth a go!

The location based theater searching UI need a lot improvement, otherwise it'd be a 5 star app serving ppl well for all these years. Awesome

Excellent app I have seen other apps for movie and DVD releases, nothing comes close to Flixster Perfect

Easy to use, to check whats playing, the time its playing, and to watch a quick trailer, we can also purchase our tickets, one stop convenience. It's a wonderful app. Omg

Very handy Love turning to this app for all my movie needs. Being able to have all theaters closest to me is very helpful Not bad

Flixster I love Flixster! It allows me to find new movie showings and locations anywhere I am. Marvelous

Very useful This app is great. I use it every week to see what's coming out, what's coming up, and what's gotten good ratings. User friendly and very helpful. Awesome

Movie Lovers Wet Dream Siskel and Ebert couldn't give this app more thumbs up. No matter where I am, this app goes with me.... because I am a movie Freak. Omg

Love It! I use this to make decisions about whether I should spend my money or not on certain films I'm interested in seeing. I also love how I can set my favorite theaters. :D Great app!!! Thank you! Amazing!

It still not right Why do we have to keep remarking what we don't want to see and the ratings of the one we have seen. Why do you not have an option of maybe I would use that for sure in stead of only want to see....not...a maybe would be great and the ratings never stay unless you touch it again....your making it a lot harder to use than needs to be. If you would just leave what we do once...alone!!! I love being able to get the info from you, but hate to have to keep marking things over and over!! Superb!

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