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Didn't work before ....... This app did'nt work on my phone before. it only stops and reboot.and I think on other phone too.but I just click the "USB debugging" on the developer options (in your settings) then it works(problem solved)... Pretty good

Nevermind Found out what really happened sorry for the chaos but I was a bit stupid back then but instead of my worry its a pretty good app Works great

su freezes entire terminal or app when not used over ADB su hangs when not used over ADB, unable to access root when not used in "adb shell su", Huawei H891L In response to your question: su simply freezes and i have to force quit any apps that may use it, as for adb it works fine, when i use it in a terminal(terminal ide or similar apps) the terminal locks up, and i have to force quit it. Not bad

Thanks sooooo much This is the only app I could find to root my phone and i've been trying to root my phone for a day! Awesome

Big Help This app really work now I can finish hacking my games since I got a phone that's real Good

Please read this!!! Everything is fine but I cant move or delete system apps with root this issuse can only be fixed switching to supersu but I am not willing to take the risk to brick my tablet just please give me a solution. Good

Exemplary Three phones ago I told myself if Kingo ever did not work for me, I would find another SuperUser access app. Here I am, years later, still an extremely satisfied consumer. 5/5 Go well

Awesome Not much to say. Did its job and now we are free to fly like an eagle into Uranus. 5 Must have

Really good at its job manages rooting of the phone at a faster rate and maintain stable phone operations Works great

Kind off good I have a Samsung tab 4 I rooted it the root still works gives permission idk how but the app superuser when I open it goes back to main menu if I update well anything go wrong I'm just scared because I rooted another phone and went to boot loop well it do the same please tell me I don't quit to mess up my tablet I'm wondering if I update will it reboot or anything for a binary update I don't want that I just want to know if I update the app will it just update like a normal app in the app store. Pretty good

Works well Using a Blu Studio Energy 1. Works well, though have not attempted on 5.x update. Pretty good

Great rooting experience on my various devices This app has done what it was meant to do, and for the most part, it has the support for many devices without special instructions or mods - just click you are done. Thanks guys!!! Keep up the good work. 5 star

Works on some phone. This was great on my galaxy s2, but doesn't work on my galaxy s5. I have it 3 because it does work and very well when it does, if give 5* if it worked on newer galaxy phones. Perfect!

Worked really well But there's this one bug where you can't edit root access but it spams this message Good

Excellent Well, my phone now runs faster ,finally apps are working fine, and phone effects and features are back and shown with full quality. Surprisingly

D Harkness Great did my partner s first time she couldn't believe it. Great work. Samsung galaxy s 2. Even rooted my sony tablet s but wifi wouldn't work. But waist of time anyway because you can't put another operating system on it anyway. ***** Worth a go!

Hamdan zubair My device is also samsung galaxy tab3 (smt110) you can root your device by using ur computer or laptop. You just need to download kingoroot on computer.You can see all tutorials on youtube.This method works on any android devices.Thanks for reading! Superb!

Well it rooted my ☎ But it says in the description that it comes with SuperSU and it did not download it on my phone so I had to go to the Play Store and download it myself I'll be back to let you know whether or not I actually got rooted only time will tell 5 star

Installed, worked first time. Wiped phone re installed and will not respond. Alcatel pixi 3(3.5) 4009x still a five star. I will get it working again! This is the only way that has worked for me on this phone , so easy to use and quick.Well done. Thanks for quick response,with a free app too. Its worked now . I uninstalled firechat and reinstalled Kingo SuperUser [ROOT] Kingosoft Technology Ltd. and its ROOTED! Thanks so much for the time and effort you all put in. Not bad

Download this App and the root I'm thankful for this app, when I downloaded it and the root, It may help to know the wifi password love it

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