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Hold place in time line I like to read tweets from where I left off up to present time. Twitter does not make this easy by jumping to the top if you touch it whilst it refreshes. Amazing!

Great for run-on sentence queens like me! I am a writer and vlogger, sometimes I get caught up trying to make a point. Truth is twitter is a great writers tool! Amazing place to address writer's block Enjoy it!

Twitter Team This is a incredible apps and I feel so thirsty to grab those beautiful things that I have been looking for my whole life. We know all that there are no endings to gather knowledge. Hats off to the entire team of professionals of Twitter.Allah bless you all... Omg

Very nice! I love Twitter so much because I can get so many informations and connect to people who share the same interests with me. And it's getting better and better. Just please add an edit button. WE NEED IT!!! Great job

Profile button, etc I'd give it 5 stars if I could choose that the home button, profile button, mention button, etc could be at the bottom of the page. I hate reaching all the way to the top of my phone to reach them. Especially when I am only holding my phone with one hand. Perfect

Good, but Ringtone? Can you please, finally, sort the default ringtone!? We have the option to change but it always goes back to default ringtone. It's been a few years now. Samsung Galaxy S7Edge. Good

Doesn't have that "Twitter feel" anymore... Firstly, the night theme looks beautiful. It would be nice if I could open the app and just see my timeline without 'Moments You Missed', 'Top Tweets', 'Highlights', 'Who to Follow', etc. Also, please improve the image quality of profile pictures. And I know it has been a while, but are we really going to stay on this 'Likes' boat? 'Favourites' was what set Twitter apart from other social media sites. Great!

I would honestly truthfully want to know if Twitter can be hacked easily or would a hacker have a hard time to? Im asking b/c I want to make sure my stuff is safe. Plus my brother says its easy for sm1 to hack our accts cas if so I'm deleting my acct.. love it

Samsung Galaxy J3 2016 every single time i want to change my header or profile picture, twitter stops working completely and i have to restart my phone, and then i cant view my profile at all without twitter stopping again. it's very irritating and it's been like this for weeks. FIX THIS Works great

Could Be Better The app is OK I suppose but it still doesn't really feel as solid as the iOS app. There's definitely been an improvement but I feel like it needs to be more streamlined and also maybe some more features? Overall it's decent but I just want it to look better Go well

Missing one thing. The app is great now, but when I change an @ for one of my accs on the website and I log into the acc I want to change the @ of the website brings me to an acc that doesn't exist anymore. And when I do change the @ I stop getting notifications on said changed acc. Please add a setting that allows you to change the @ of your acc in the app please. Well done!!

I like it but For the past two days, I cant connect to link. It says doesn't provide secure connection. I dont change anything in my phone setting and this happen! Amazing!

Night mode unavailable? Very good app. Obviously does what it's intended to do. One problem though, my app is fully updated but night mode isn't available. Is it only working on certain android versions? I'm running a very old one, in fact, 4.3, might that be the case? Please respond ASAP. Perfect

Pre-installed version won't update Why is the app marked as no longer compatible with my Samsung tablet? (SM-P900) The pre-installed version stopped working some time ago - probably because of changes to the API - but I can't update from Play because it tells me it is incompatible. So I have to extract the APK from my phone and install it on the tab every time there's an update: Works without any problems. Please, fix this! Otherwise it's an OK app. Too many ads showing up in my timeline, but I guess you have to pay the bills somehow... 5 star

Mobile Twitter It now has view more tweets that pops up after 5 seconds or so. So you don't have to leave off where you left off the last time you visited Twitter. Good job people Cool

Please fix Newsfeed only shows my tweets/retweets and no one elses. Refreshing doesn't do anything either. Great app but this needs fixing. Works great

Bugs & ads Sometimes won't show recent tweets in people's TL, no easy way of looking at other people's mentions, too many ads, almost 1:5 ratio. Good

Update frequency! Had to drop from 5 stars to 3 due to the amount of times I have had to update. Yesterday, I had to do an update (30-05-16) and then I had to update this app again today. Wtf? Not bad

Update Icon You could should really update your icon a bit. It looks really old and doesn't match the other icons on my screen. It needs to look more like the material design of the other apps. wow lol

Not enough tweet notices~! Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Dislike having only one tweet notice~! Please put back the way it used to be so this app can be rated at 5 Stars once again~! I miss the way it used to work~! Now the pop up notices for twitter are very invasive, covering other apps and taking forever to clear. Please give us the option to control this. ... Please put the option back to add a picture when quoting tweets. Brilliant

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