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Huge frame drops After ending a level the game is extremly laggy. Pls fix this for galaxy s7 edge 5 star

Awesome game! I will there will be a multilayer mode which you can compete for a specific game Superb!

wonderball wonderball is just woderfull game,, I loved it,, all guys also should play this game Recommend

Classic game.enjoying it. Could fit more special effects like when hitting the last red thing. Surprisingly

This such a awsome game ! I Highly Recommend.

Very challenging! Need precision and accuracy to hit the right pegs. Getting addicted already. But who cares? Am enjoying myself immensely! Fabulous!

enjoyable and free we dont need data to play Just wow

Have a problem with unlocking the next level I'm stuck at level 91 and cannot pass to next level. .I get notifications that said I have unlocked next level but when I go and see in the game that new level haven't unlocked yet... Please do something. ... I love this game.. i wanna play it further. .. wow lol

Gud game But plz introduce a system of rewards like candy crush. Else game is almost impossible after 275 level. Specially level 279 Go well

Love in it I love it it is amazing i love it so much it is awsome ih and there are fake youtubers in asteralia Well done!!

Fantastic game I really enjoyed playing this game.Some levels are difficult but that's a good challenge for you. I even managed to get my husband and family hooked up on it. Recommend

Help me The app is after making me wait 24 hours to go to new world . But it's letting log in and when I try click on the new game nothing happens but it still let's me play all my previous levels that I've passed .. This is the second time I installed it .Last time I deleted at about level 150 now I'm on 40 and I feel I need to delete permanently . I love this game help me and Il give five stars Flawless

Can't turn off notifications It's a good game, very close to the original Peggle, but I don't like notifications from any game, I click on the notifications off button but the alerts still show up on my phone, so I am forced to delete the app till that problem's fixed. Brilliant

53 is really hard sale yo 53 ta kunai halat ma ni katdaina yar , 100 choti bhanda badi try garisake hola aajhai samma katya chaina .

A.D.D.I.C.T.E.D. So absolutely terribly 100% addicting and the best game I've played in at least 10 years. Hopefully they make a #2 of this game

It's a good game It's rally fun to play. The good thing is there are a lot of levels and they are hard so you can keep playing for ever.

Not bad, bit not good either This game is only OKAY, it tries to be Peggle but just doesn't have the charm that Peggle has, also it's quite buggy and slow. Could have been really good

Really fun Really enjoy playing the game. Some levels are difficult but that's a good challenge. Managed to get my husband hooked on the game as well.

Amazing I love this game its super addicting and you get lives in like ten seconds unlike most games you have to wait like hours

Shii Takes a long time to pass certain leveles but once done. It's fantastic lol I need a life LOL

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