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Worked perfect Took a little while but no where near as much time with out..great app would reccomend to everyone Perfect!

Love it So easy to install so easy to use, files everything was transferred to my new device 10/10 well done Sony Muito bom!

Works fine. Works as described. Don't know why others are having problems. Mine was an xperia to xperia transfer though. Worth it!

Glitchy as Hell!! I had my phone replaced and downloaded the latest version. I did a backup and restore over wireless, this app created at least 10 of every picture! I spent hours upon hours and 3 more phone replacements before I realized it was created by this buggy app!!!!!!! I will never use it again but I love my Xperia phone! Marvelous

Greatly done I bought my phone and downloaded this app. Goodbye iPhone, I should now move on to Android... No files are left lost! Well done!!

Cool I did the transfer between my z1 cellphone and z2 tablet very easy and fast. I like. Flawless

It works,but very slow with iphone 4s It looks like it stops working at a given point in time but if you let it go it will give you the option to select what you want to transfer, and it works. Highly Recommend.

Good job Sony Very handy. You don't have to mess around with Bluetooth or other connection methods. Surprisingly

Go with the flow! Awesome app. Just follow simple direction and get your all loved data transfer with ease. Fantastic

#simple-app Unbelievably easy to transfer my old iPhone data!! It was even easier to transfer from my iPhone 5 to my new Xperia Z1 than a previous move from an iPhone 4 to 5! Magic!

Sonys just getting better and better! Amazing Sony again showing there willing to do something new not just hope there names sales there Products

xperia Arc S! Hi, my old phone is Arc S and i cant install this app to transfer my files to my new xperia. please help me to transfer my files. Thanks.. Recommend to get Xperia™ Transfer Mobile APK.

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