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Transfers fast! I recently purchased a Sony Xperia Z3 smartphone. So I wanted to transfer all my files. Without having to go t-mobile so I downloaded the app. Awesome results. Surprisingly

Feedback - guide me Can software use all mobile without login ?/ how come all mobile phone always very hot ?/ different of my friend use Apple Iphone never hot / Perfect!

Did exactly what it says on the tin and was so much easier than doing it manually Fabulous!

Great app! Used this app to transfer contacts from my old xperia phone to my new one and was so easy!!! Brilliant

I always buy a Sony I have been buying Sonys since I was In grade 4! My first device was the Sony Ericsson k800i that I purchased exactly 11 years ago. I STILL HAVE IT and IT WORKING FINE! My only mistake was when I betrayed Sony and bought an IPhone 6s which I sold 2 days after buying it. Now I got myself the Z5 premium and will never ask for a better phone! Best quality products and services! Enjoy it!

It's not the fastest transfer of data but it saved me from loosing all my content off my previous I give it two thumbs up Works great

Awesome app Saved me a trip to the phone shop and if I can use it ANYONE can. Also loved the fact that it didn't involve wires and laptops :) Not bad

Fantastic!! Brilliant app. Although I couldn't transfer using the cable which I'd purchased to transfer the data from my iPhone 4 it worked brilliantly through icloud. It couldn't have been easier with the step by step guidance to help you. Five star + rating for this app. The only thing that took time was the back up I had to do on the iPhone. Would never go back to one now that I have my Sony. Muito bom!

Worth the effort... I experienced compatibility issues, but now that the transfer is complete I think the issues I had seem irrelevant. Awesome

Transfer in no time This has to be the easiest transfer tool I have used yet. No one hold a candle to it!! Fabulous!

I had pairing issues initially, but the transfer went through smoothly and quickly enough in the end. The interface is clear and easily understandable. Marvelous

Brilliant Transfer App This App is perfect and works really quickly and efficiently and does it very well. Good

Fantastic App Save me a lot of time in transferring data. It would be even better if it can tranafer whatsapp backup between diff operating system. Good job. Great job

Xperia Transfer between old phone and new... Brilliant app, made the change hassle free Fabulous!

Simply works 2gb data successfully transfered in about 30 mins by WiFi. Didn't have the required cables for a wired connection otherwise would have been quicker no doubt Muito bom!

I have used Sony Xperia phones since the 1st one was released & I've never been let down! It's like carrying around a great computer only it fits inside my hand. I'm a no nonsense person & That's another reason why I chose this phone, it's exact, precise & After I've finished with the computer side of the action I then use it like a real phone. Nothing else compares so I am looking forward to the Xperia z6 model! Must have

Really good app I used it to transfer my data from Xperia Z3 compact to Xperia Z5 premium, it was so fast Worth it!

Life made easy This is why u love Sony phones they make everything easy. Even thought I had no idea this application exist, and was trying to figuer out how to transfer all this data I did need to think more. It so easy to use with colorful user interface that you will think how did I go without it. Enjoy it!

Easy to use This app works great. Easy steps transferred everything I wanted from my old phone, even my home page layout love it

Ali Such a great app. I had so much problems in the past but this app is a cool tool. I absolutely recommend it for data transferring. Highly Recommend.

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