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A must for xperia fans I had the xperia c5 ultra and just got the xa ultra this app had me up and running very quickly and soooo easy. Enjoy it!

Special transfer mobile Does what it says on the tin. Transferred everything from my old phone in 10 minutes Great job

Great app! Took no time to transfer data I Googled how to transfer from my s3 to z1 and voila thank goodness I found this app. What a huge help for me! Works great

It worked Had to use the pin code to connect, not sure why the WiFi connection would not work. Omg

Took some time Worked first time, then had some connection issues... But all sorted in the end. Easy to use. Just wow

Took 5 attempts but worked in the end! Kept stating connection error and then would have to start all over again, very frustrating. Fantastic

Lithy Took a while but it was great to be able to transfer everything without a computer. I'm also not that tech savvy either. If I can do it, anyone can lol Fabulous!

Simple saviour This and an OTG mouse connection retrieved important contacts etc after a back up failure. Phew! Worth it!

Great App Transferred everything I wanted. Requires a good WiFi connection, it took several tries to connect the phones. It took me 2 tries since the contacts didn't transfer 1st try, but in the end it worked, would definitely recommend. Works great

Ease of changing phones Transferring data from old phone was a pain, now made easy with this app, really love it! Marvelous

So Far this us worked very well I'm not to Sony and this app, but it seems very straight forward and I anticipate a continued smooth and satisfying exepreince. Thank you Sony! Amazing!

Great Does exactly as described, although wouldn't progress with nfc, but did work using the pin process. Great!

Good Very quick and easy the occasional bit of confusion but overall it makes it a lot easier to transfer all your information Must have

Seamless transfer Easy transfer from my Z1c to Z5c, quick NFC tap to beam data via local WiFi, 30 mins later it was all finished! wow lol

Good handy app took 4 or 5 goes to get a good connection between old and new phone but once connection was made it was perfect. Great job

Great App! Works better than the PC Companion for sure, but gets 4 stars because can't transfer all apps correctly... Recommend

Good job Sony Very handy. You don't have to mess around with Bluetooth or other connection types. Very user friendly. Worth a go!

Saviour This is the saviour when you get a new phone or need to send one for reparation. Much better synch than Google or apple and without the need to store anything out of your control in the cloud. Perfect! Amazing!

Fab app! So simple to use and transfer was really quick. All photos, contacts etc. transferred. 5 star

Fast and convenient Thanks to this app I transferred all my contacts in no time. The app is hard to find on the my new Xperia phone. Muito bom!

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