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Tricky Upgrade and linking old phone was messy. I am sure the various upgrades to individual programmes will sort it out. More complicated than it first seems. love it

Good for small files I tried 5 times to use the app but always connection error, after that I taked step by step and worked (at first tried to transfer 11 gb allows failure, then one at time worked. love it

Smart and easy but took a few attempts Tried nfc few times lost connection due to unalignment. Could not get other settings to work on old phone tried nfc couple more times, success! Flawless

No more Sony after this! Doesn't un-install after jobs done! One sure gets allot of "bloat wear" on Xperia, but Sony does not include a set of headphones! Kind of low for being the inventor of "Walkman" and excellent headphones back in the 80-ies. Well done!!

All good So simple and quick I enjoyed using it. After suffering from using Samsung it's a relieve Omg

From Xperia Z to Z5 Premium Worked a treat! Easy to follow. Haven't fully checked everything and so far all data was transferred via NFC. Brilliant

It's the best and easy way I have a Sony Xperia Z2 I transfer it to my new device X performance and it's was so fast and easy, thank you Must have

Excellent No complaints with this app. I highly recommend it. Saved me so much time and stress. Simple to use and no glitches. 10/10 Cool

It does the Job! Excellent app to make the change over a painless process.....But.... Do not run it twice! Everything doubles up! Can an update be made to avoid that happening again. Perfect

A white Very efficient and good quick via wireless if you don't have a large amount of data and have previously backed up to your pc etc Amazing!

Transfered from Z1 Compact to Z3. Really satisfaction, except for the media transfer Works perfectly

Fast and convenient This app let me quickly transfer my settings from my old Xperia to a new one without even having to connect either device to a computer. Even my saved WiFi networks were transferred which proved to be difficult to achieve otherwise. Omg

Great app! This app worked first time, was really fast and easy to use making my data transfer really easy and painless which is exactly what I wanted! Perfect

Simple, straightforward, easy. It's beyond simple and fast to transfer data from your old device to your new Sony phone. Just another reason I'm glad to abandon Apple Cool

Worked well Worked perfectly, unlike the software already on the phone when you go through the start up which left most my contacts on my old phone. Fantastic

Super nice Had some problems at the beginning but in 10 min had everything transferred. 5 star app. Good work Sony Fantastic

Works! Quickly transferred my data from my LG G4 to Xperia Z5. Just make sure you install the latest version on both devices. Muito bom!

No issues Took me a while to update the app on my Z5, but that was more user error. Transferred everything from HTC in under an hour. Found it much easier than connecting to a Pc. Superb!

No contacts Transferred photos and text messages etc fine but will not transfer contacts, even if you try just contacts only. So old texts appear against the number not the contact. I am at a loss. Help Enjoy it!

Amazing ❤ I love the fact that I can get my old messages from my old phone... Cause I love reading my old messages Cool

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